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From planning, consulting, implementation and up to impact, we have expertise in diverse industries to implement and customize solutions
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How we work?
From planning to implementation to support and customization, our experts are ready to take on any implementation challenge and meet all your business, operational and technical requirements. Our superpower? All these services under one simple and easy to manage contract.
Solution Strategy
Solution implementation, first and foremost, is about change management and requires detailed situation analysis, thinking through changes proposed, and to make and validate a strong business case for the implementation.
Once the buy-in to adopt a particular solution is given, our specialist work with your team to develop solution acquisition - as-is, to-be processes - as well as implementation and transition plans. Stakeholders at all levels of the organization are taken onboard and their input is gathered in the planning process to ensure the needs of all stakeholders are met and the project gets a total ownership.
The implementation phase is executed by certified specialists with deep industry expertise honed over the years. Your team is also kept onboard and deeply involved in implementation along with the domain expertise brought in by our in-house as well as consulting domain experts.
The end-users of the solution are trained by professionals with proven expertise in empowering people and organizations transition from old state to the new and better reality and enable organizations to realize anticipated benefits from the implementation.
To keep up with the changing environment and business needs, we provide solution customization services for SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, AWS, Shopify, and Mulesoft.