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Fulfilling all needs of your retail business

Omnichannel Retail
Sell in-store, at retail events, pop-up stores and even online. With all sales channels in one POS software, Panda Retail manages all aspects of your retail business.

  • Sell in store
  • Sell on the go
  • Sell online with any integrated eCommerce platform
POS on any device, anywhere.
Works on any tablet and PC. Don’t be limited to just working behind a counter.

Panda Retail works offline so you can sell even when the internet or local network is down. This makes it more reliable and faster compared to generic POS systems.
All in one retail platform
Panda Retail offers everything you need to effectively run and grow your retail business.

  • Point of SaleInventory
  • Multi-store
  • Loyalty and Gift cards
  • Customer profiles
  • Integrated payments
  • Integrated E-commerce platforms Reporting


Perfect POS software for most retail stores
Retail Malls
Grocery stores
Clothing Store
Coffee Shop
Furniture Store
Jewelery Store
Food Truck
Gift Store
Pet Store
Shoe Store
Bike Shop
Takeway Outlet
Flower Shop
Hardware Store
Electronic Stores
Dine-in Restuarant
Wholesale Business


Quick to setup, easy to use and feature-rich, Panda Retail is your all-in-one retail management solution.
Point of Sale

●  Sales and sale returns
●  On account and lay-by sales
●  Discounts and loyalty programs
●  Tax rates
●  Integrated payments
●  Customer engagement
●  Cash management
●  Shift report
●  Transaction logsPowerful POS software on any device, in-store and on-the-go.
Inventory management

●  Unlimited products
●  Barcodes (single and in-bulk)
●  Product management
●  Inventory purchases
●  Inventory control
●  Suppliers managementSell, purchase, transfer and track your inventory, easily.
Customer management
Build your business with meaningful information on your value shoppers.

● Customer profiles
● Purchase history
● Loyalty and rewards
Financial management
A powerful accounting system integrated with all aspects of your business.

● Chart of Accounts and Groups
● Double entry bookkeeping
● Key business vouchers
● Party ledgers with filters
● Financial statements
● Key financial ratios
Store management
Run your store operations well with central store management.

●  Manage store operations
●  Manager users and staff access
●  Setup default Charts of Accounts
●  Control discounts and loyalty programs
●  Manager terminals
●  Daily totals
●  Configure sync modes
Panda Retail grows alongside your business.

●  Multiple outlets
●  Multi-store reporting
●  Access control
●  Multi-store inventory control
●  Consolidated data across multiple stores
E-commerce integration
Turn your retail store into an all-in-one omnichannel solution.

●  Integrated with major eCommerce frameworks
●  Live sale updates
● In-store pickup

Real-time reporting to help you make timely decisions.

●  Sales reports
●  Product and category reports
●  Shift reports
●  Financial statements
●  Key financial ratios
●  Customer engagement reports