Panda CAS

Run your construction business stress-free with a complete construction and accounts solution.
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Customers and projects management
●  Customer profiles
●  Projects management
●  Sites management
Receivables and collections
●  Unlimited material types
●  Material management
●  Measurements and conversions
●  Inventory control
●  Purchase and supplier management
Onsite/Offsite store management
●  Setup onsite or offsite materials inventory stores
●  Assign/Remove store keepers
●  Inventory management by stores
●  Demand management
●  Inventory release and consolidation
Accounts and Account Groups
●  Standard account groups
●  Customized groups for projects based accounting
●  Project and customer wise
●  P&L modes
●  Tax profile of the groups and accounts
●  Financial statement assignment
●  LIFO/FIFO treatments
Business vouchers
●  Cash and bank payments
●  Expenses and misc. purchases
●  Equity and drawings
●  Asset management
●  Internal vouchers
Double entry bookkeeping
●  Powerful double entry ledger
●  Standard transaction lifecycle
●  Transaction history
●  Transactions organized by type
Estimation and costing
●  Define activities and rates
●  Prepare activities plan for jobs
●  Prepare estimates
●  Run scenarios for estimates
●  Customers and projects reports
●  Real-time store inventory positions
●  Inventory reports
●  Financial statements