Crystalball Platform

Data driven, AI-powered, context sensitive risk management insights
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Unified platform for practive risk management

Evidence-based decision making
Promote data-informed decisions in risk management.
Context sensitive, timely insights
Industry-base, timely insights drive timely risk management decisions.
All-in-one platform
All risk management insights delivered through a single platform.


Delivering evidence-based risk insights to financial services, fintechs and supply chain
Supply Chain Lending
BNPL Operators
Agriculture Lending
Auto Financing
Consumer Lending


Industry specific models
●  Retail Banking
●  Conventional Lending
●  Microfinance Lending
●  Supply Chain
Cloud-based platform
●  Always-On
●  Available on all devices
●  Subscription based pricing
●  24/7/365 Operations and Support
●  Partner with AWS, Zure and Google Cloud Platform
API-based delivery
● Integration with operations and analysis applications
●  Single token to access all insights
●  Enforcement of Rule based Governance
● Easy to control acccess
Data Pipelines
● Always-On data pipelines for each industry gathering data from diverse structured and unstructured data sources
●  ETL not required
●  Dedicated Data Engineering teams