Technology for Innovators™

We are go-to partners to build technology solutions that create value for startups, SMBs and enterprises.
Our advantage
What sets us apart?
At Semantics Technologies, Inc., our mission is to build technology solutions that transform enterprises and those who use them. The cross-skilled, young and talented teams are supported with world-class operating principles, engineering infrastructure and a problem-solving mindset. The strengths that make us stand out are:

  • Agility of a startup and stability of an enterprise
  • Young, energetic and quick to learn team
  • People-first principles that drive close collaboration within and outside the organization
  • Expertise across a range of industries
  • Engineers are supported with world-class engineering principles and infrastructure
Our culture
How we work?
We desire and strive to be a company that empowers its people, enables free-flow of ideas, and delivers results. Like any other human organization, we have strong beliefs which we stand for and use them every day in everything we do:

  • Free-flow of ideas
  • Best talent for best opportunities
  • Right context is superior to micromanagement
  • Clarity of direction drives better results and outcomes
  • Hire for ability to learn fast
  • Organization itself is a product
What problems we solve?
We build technology solutions that solve complex problems and create value across a wide range of industries:

  • Fintech
  • Logistics and Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Ecommerce & Delivery
  • Government Organizations