Single powerful solution for your fleet management and maintenance needs
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One solution for all your fleet management needs

Fleet safety

●  Know who your best and worst-performing drivers are
●  Monitor driving history
●  Create driving coaching program to immediately correct aggressive and dangerous driving
●  Monitor driver's performance and offer additional training
●  Use dashcam data to protect your business from litigation and exoneration
●  Proactively ensure safety of your drivers and fleet by tracking and analyzing driving habits of your drivers. Fleetex provides a driving report for each journey on a single click to help you to:
Improved customer service

Fleetex offers accurate and timely information to:
●  Optimize route planning with location data for on-time deliveries and service arrivals
●  Provide ETAs that are more accurate with real-time tracking, so your customers know exactly when to expect your teamBuild long-term relationships with your customers with top-not customer service.
Fleetex offers everything you need to effectively manage your fleet.

● Asset Management
●  Fleet Operations
●  Fleet Maintenance
●  Routes Management
●  Drivers and Training
●  Real-time route and driving insights
●  Enhanced Reporting


Key to healthy and dependable fleet in diverse industries -- all with a single platform
Oil and Gas
Transport Services
Food and Beverages
Vehicle Leasing
Waste Management
Farm Equipment
Cargo Services
Courier Services


Fleetex is your platform for fleet maintenance, inspections, cost tracking, work orders, parts and inventory, asset assignments, and fuel management.
Fleet management

●  Asset lifecycle management
Track every detail about vehicle and equipment.
●  Fuel and fuel cards management
●  Vehicle assignments
●  Driver management
●  Driver’s driving history
●  Vehicle lifecycle management
●  Vehicle location details
●  Expense and total costs trackingTrack every detail about vehicle and equipment.
Fleet maintenance
Keep your fleet healthy with proactive maintenance alerts.

●  Service history
●  Preventive maintenance
●  Inspections
●  Issues management
●  Maintenance vendors and shops
●  Maintenance work orders
●  Purchase orders
●  Parts and inventory management
Dashboard and reporting
Analyze and tweak your fleet management and maintenance operations.

●  Asset and asset lifecycle reports
●  Fleet operations analytics
●  Driver behavior analytics
●  Maintenance reports
●  Parts and Inventory reports
●  Supplier relationships reports