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Set sail into the market with a minimum viable product, faster, cost effectively
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Test your idea, assess market response or identify a potential pivot with a working, and lightweight minimum viable product
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How we work?
From idea to delivery, and to privot, we bring mindset of a startup and rigour of an enterprise to your idea. We consider your idea as our own and take role of your cofounder. And we work together to craft great experiences for users through close collaboration and common sense principles.
You tell us the story of your idea. We listen. And from then on, we take ownership. We work with you to identify and document hypothesis, describe when and how those hypotheses will be tested, and understand how the market response will be assessed and acted upon.
Through a discovery workshop, we work with your team to define the feature set and technical requirements with the ultimate goal to shape up the product. Our designers work with you to express the product vision through user journeys, screens and clickable prototypes
Based on the product vision and technical goals, no-code or code-based techniques and tools are applied by the software developers with in-depth expertise and proven experience of product development with singular goal of speed to value.
After the development is complete, the product is soft-launched. You recruit early users by yourself or with the help of a performance marketing team, our analytics tools baked into the product gather data of onboarding and usage. We work together to sift through the data and extract insights to evaluate hypothesis and guage market response.
Grow, pivot or shelve
As a last step, the decision is made whether to grow, explore an alternate path or to shelve the idea and move on. The pursuit to explore alternate path takes us back to the Ideate stage and our collaboration continues.